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Listing Guarantee Offer Terms and Conditions.

NuAge Enterprise Inc. dba NuAge Transaction Limited Guarantee Terms & Conditions

In order to be eligible for listing limited money-back guarantee, the Customer must fulfill all of the following requirements:

  • The Customer must purchase and maintain a 12-month managed license.
  • The Customer must respond to and call each and every lead within fifteen (15) minutes during business hours (9 AM - 9 PM, local time), and each call must be registered inside the lead history of the CRM
  • The Customer must spend a minimum of $300.00 CDN per month for 12 consecutive months on postal code advertising (ad spend).¬†

Should the Customer fulfill all of the above requirements, but acting in good faith and notwithstanding its reasonable efforts fail close at least one transaction (buyer or seller) during the initial 12-month period, the Customer will be refunded its initial prepaid annual management fee.